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Submit Notice to Vacate

Tenant Notice to Vacate


If you are a tenant with either a fixed-term or a month-by-month tenancy, and you want to vacate (end the tenancy and leave the property), it is your responsibility to give the landlord written notice that you wish to vacate.

If you are in a month-by-month tenancy, you must give the landlord a minimum of 28 days’ notice in writing. If you are in a fixed-term tenancy, there is no minimum notice period; however, you may have to pay additional fees and charges. 

For more information, view the If you do not give notice (if you break the lease) page.

Providing written notice is compulsory and we suggest using this form: 
Notice to landlord of rented premises (Word, 1.9 MB)  

The written notice of intention to vacate must:

  • be signed by you or your representative
  • give the date you plan to leave, taking into account the required notice period (see Notice periods).

Note: If you have separate meters, you should let the utility providers know in advance when you will be moving out. Otherwise, you may be charged for services in the next billing period.

Vacating Notice


Hereby give 28 days notice of our intention to vacate the above-mentioned property by 4:00 pm.

Day Of
Reason for Leaving
Forwarding address
home tel. no.
work tel. no.
mobile no.

I/We understand that if our lease has not expired when the property is vacated, rent and re-letting expenses may be incurred as per your lease agreement.

I/We agree for Urban Property to take internal photos for internet marketing purposes.

Please Note:
As per condition no.24 of your lease agreement the landlord may erect a “For Lease” sign during the last 4 weeks of your tenancy to assist in re-letting the property.