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Owners Corporation Management

Strata Management

Our Owners Corporations representatives are required to have worked within the real estate sector prior to becoming eligible to work with your property or within our team.

We require our representatives hold a membership at the REIV (Real Estate Institute of Victoria) and as such are required to work within the codes of conduct of the Estate Agents Act and the Estate Agents (Professional Conduct) Regulations.

Continued Professional Development is also a requirement of our staff including; Department Managers, General Management and Chief Executives. An innate understanding of the “Owners Corporations Act 2006” and as amended from time to time, is of the utmost importance.

Financial management and financial reporting is an essential component of our representation and our independent Audit policy will assure your confidence in relation to the management of your funds. All financial access staff are required to undergo a Victorian Police check prior to managing any funds under management.

Our comprehensive Budgets and Finance reporting services ensure the viability of the Owners Corporation and that the ongoing management requirements are always in the black.

Our service contractors are regularly reviewed and a significant amount of our time is invested in assuring our contractors provide the best value for money services. Embedded services and networks are also fully investigated assuring rebates are benefitting residents and lot owners financially.

Dispute resolution or dispute circumvention between Developers, Builders, Owners, Tenants and Property Managers is the foundation of great Owners Corporation Management. Professional negotiators and excellent communication specialists prevent adversary positions from developing and this is certainly where we lead amongst the competition.

Annual General Meetings are held at our offices and all matters arising are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Proactive management is where we position ourselves, which means we are always improving the value of your properties worth.


Engaging the right Owners Corporation Management team ensures that your branding and reputation is fully acknowledged via a settlement process that underpins the quality of your build.  

Your perceived reputation is fundamentally guided by the owner experience from point of sale through to settlement. We have a team of dedicated staff who will facilitate settlement inspections, key allocation and the distribution of essential information within the boundaries of your brand specifications.

Defining the Owners Corporations Rules within the legal limitations and the current landscape of property and real estate disruptors today requires a vigilant and uncompromising approach which will protect the character and reputation of your build.

We believe that property should always be seen as a legacy of investment and as Builders and Developers if you partner with the right Management team you are assured an architectural protection and ongoing partnership that facilitates an enduring respect.

We believe that we are the custodians of your creation and all due respect is afforded to the ongoing management of your investment, both in tangible and intangible iterations.  

Urban Property Management will work with Developers from concept through to build delivery offering advice when needed and stepping back when the conceptualising is all about your personal vision, our advice and expertise will increase the profitability of your project, without interfering with your architectural creativity.  

We work with Developers who build 5 lot townhouse developments to 500 plus lot apartment buildings.

We will assist in ensuring your success by providing the following services;

  • Correct interpretation of the Owners Corporations Act 2006
  • Interpreting the Subdivision Act of Victoria 1988
  • Interpreting Council Planning Schemes
  • Common property design and planning
  • Registration of plans, rules and other relevant documents with the Land Registry office
  • Determining, lot liabilities and entitlements
  • Preparation of an inaugural budget and forecasting Maintenance Plans
  • Establishing Owners Corporation rules specific to each property incorporating any special conditions
  • Arranging Strata insurance in accordance with state legislative requirements

It is our goal to guide and establish relationships with reputable and ethical Developers wanting to build sustainable living environments for Melbournians. With our early involvement at the planning stages of your development we can structure Owners Corporations which are fiscally responsible and adequately funded to ensure the permanent appeal of your build.   

Our initial consultation and meeting sets the parameters and expectations for all stakeholders and we see this as an opportunity to impress upon you the importance of team work and our desire to elevate your returns on investment.


The fundamental functions of Owners Corporations Managers are to perform the following;

  • To manage and administer the common property.
  • To repair and maintain the common property.
  • To repair and maintain the chattels, fixtures, fittings and services related to the common property or its enjoyment.
  • To manage Insurances required or permitted by any Act, and any other insurances that that an owners corporation considers appropriate.
  • To keep and maintain an Owners Corporation register.
  • To provide Owners Corporations certificates in accordance with Division 3 of part 9 when requested.
  • To carry out any other functions conferred on the owners Corporation by legislative Act or regulations and any law or the rules of the owners Corporation.
An owners corporation is a body corporate which is incorporated by registration of a plan of subdivision or a plan of strata or cluster subdivision. An owners corporation has perpetual succession and a common seal and is capable of suing and being sued in its own name.