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How to Engage a New Owners Corporations Manager

To remove an owners corporation manager, the owners corporation should:

  • conduct a vote at a general meeting or hold a postal ballot to remove a manager
  • follow the process for the removal or termination of the manager outlined in the contract of appointment.

Alternatively, your owners corporation may apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for an order terminating the manager’s contract.

Once a manager’s appointment is terminated, the manager has 28 days to return all funds and records to the owners corporation.

Section 119 of the Owners Corporations Act 2006

119. Appointment and removal of manager

  1. An owners corporation may appoint a person to be the manager of the owners corporation.
  2. If the manager is to receive a fee or reward for carrying out the functions of manager, a person is net eligible to be appointed unless the person is a registered manager.
  3. An instrument or contract of appointment must be in the approved form.
  4. A manager need not be an owner.
  5. A person must not be appointed as a manager for fee or reward unless the person holds professional indemnity insurance that is sufficient to meet claims up to a level of the prescribed amount in any one year.
  6. An owners corporation may revoke the appointment of a manager.