Amalija Bicanic

Sales Director

Whether Amalija is jumping out of planes for fun, or jumping through hoops for her clients, her enthusiasm and vivacity are obvious character traits which equate to great relationships with her clients.

Having spent most of her life in Darebin, Amalija has established an extensive network of clientele and an enviable knowledge of the local market. Amalija is an extraordinary communicator and advocates for the Croatian community in all matters that require her beautiful grasp of several Balkan dialects, which keeps her closely connected to her community.

Amalija believes in extracting as much information to form a comprehensive client brief prior to contracting clients, which places her in a far superior position than most when servicing her clients needs.

Urban Property were able to win Amalija over with the promise of a diverse and friendly working environment, she has a background in telecommunications business development and is a fully licensed Estate Agent.

“Away from work, I love spending time with family and friends, breakfast at Barry’s, coffee at Tin pot cafe, shopping at Piedimonte's, dinner anywhere along High Street or Lygon Street, sports and adrenalin activities, such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and international travel which I have done extensively. I’m always happy to chat about where you are going and where you have been.”